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Float & Co® e Floating Flo® are for you! Discover how our experts can help you thought the whole process from training to design, construction, Floatation center opening and management

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why to select our products?

Simply because we are not only baking on the lowest price. Technological content of our products is at the forefront and what we commercialize is not just the product itself but the know - how, the skills that are used to start and manage a business based on this type of equipment. Our clients buy the management experience not only the product that stems out of it.

The "Do it yourself” always reserves lot of surprises especially when the equipment has already been installed and you realizes that perhaps it was better if you didn't believe who said "do not worry”...

That’s why in our Floating Academy we offer three levels of training which will give you the skills necessary to be able to address the definition, implementation, the start up and the management of a Floatation Center: from the preliminary market analysis to the management of bureaucratic practices and permits practices, from sterilization to marketing, from analysis of the characteristics of the various equipment to the mindful selection of the most suitable for your needs, from economic management to your success.

You can find here below some of the features that differentiate our products from suppliers’ ones.

Float & Co Srl is the only "made in Italy” manufacturer of THETA® Floatation Pod.

Be careful not to confuse us with other unscrupulous distributors who do not market our products but use our name and acronyms (even if patented) to resell not OEM import products.

The only Floating Pod THETA® are manufactured by Float & Co. Srl ®. The Floating Flo® floatation centers belong to Float & Co. Srl.

Theta 1 only as examle

Theta 1 only as examle

Exclusive design developed on golden ratio proportion

"Love at first sight” thanks to golden ratio proportions to make everyone feel comfortable since the first experience: when you first see the Floatation Pod.

360° degrees accessibility for easy cleansing of the pod: you can bend inside along the border and reach every corner in the pod.

Reinforced Fiberglass micro-bridges insulated structure realized via RTM technology: the fiberglass bridged foam sandwich ensure very high level of acoustic and thermal insulation and stiffness even with contained wall thicknesses.

Extra large with 3 sqm floatation surface! Internal Dimension (cm) 250 x 155 x 125 (L x w x H). External Dimensions including lid Leverage: (cm) 280 x 165 x 140 (L x W x H), Weight 180 kg

Manual opening system with external Tension gas springs balanced Lid

Controlled natural convection ventilation system or forced thermoregulated and sterilized ventilation. Absolutely no condensation problem. Soft border tip with a soft touch silicone sponge lip for a perfect sealing.

Solution Temperature maintenance through heaters generating convective flows self centering and maintaining user’s position in the middle of the pod.

HMI CTRL SYS only as example

HMI CTRL SYS only as example

CTRL System and floating session programming easy and intuitive

You can personalize the floating session by selecting an RGB (colored lights) and Sound or Video sequences from the collection of RGB, Sound or Video sequences you have previously build up and stored. Or you can select the ones your customer has in its personal folder which is created on the server and is accessible to your customer via a dedicated on line software usable via the most common web browsers (Explorer, Safari, Chrome).

Our Pod are equipperd with sound transducer mounted on the Pod dry side, they use the Pod structure as sound diffuser eliminating the problems of the submerged sound diffuser. Using sound transducer the sound vibration are transferred by the pod structure to the liquid where the user is immersed ensuring a perfect audio reproduction.

Cloud Architecture with CRTL center

Analogic single channel or multichannel VOIP Intercom (recommended for Floatation Centers with more than one pod) for multi Pod center with a possibility of interconnecting the telephone network for remote counseling, hypnosis and coaching

Aroma Therapy system

RM&D (Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic) Allow remote debugging and helps beginners to manage most of possible issues with a call.

Hydraulic skid only for example

Hydraulic skid only for example


Filtration system of saline solution with micro filtration at 5 and 1 micron.

According to the model our Pod empty the pod at the end of every session storing the saline solution in a special insulated tank (model Theta 1).

After every session the solution is treated by the Disinfection system. We offer two variants : ozone + UV lamp or Photocatalysis + Hydrogen Peroxide. Length sanitizing of saline solution is selectable up to 6 times the entire volume of the solution in just 30 minutes. Typical 4 times in 20 min

Total Saline Solution Volume approx. 900 liters.

Saline Solution Treatment Skid (cm) 125 x 90 x 150 (L x W x H), weight 105 kg

Slow filtration and regeneration with activated carbon is selectable by the HMI interface.



The floating pod Theta 1 and Theta 2 are made in Conformity to CE marking and are Compliant with the Federal Virginia Graeme Baker Act California health and safety code, Section 116064.2


Do you like to get the necessary know how?

Take part in our Professional Training Courses to acquire all the necessary know how you will need to be able to design, implement and successfully manage your floating center.


Discover how you can get up to € 12.000/month

the number are referred to an average price of €70 per floating session, 8 session a day and 22 opening day per month.

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